History of THE KINGSMEN Personnel

If your name is not here, you were never a Kingsman!

Dick Peterson1963-Present
Steve Peterson1988-Present
Todd McPherson1992-Present
Dennis Mitchell2006-Present
Kim Nicklaus1982-1984
Yank Barry1968-1970
Marc Willett1984-1992


Mike Mitchell1959-2021
Barry Curtis1963-2005
Fred Dennis1972-1984
Andy Parypa1982-1984
Steve Friedson1967-1973
Jeff Beals1967-1968
Lynn Easton1959-1967
Jack Ely1959-1963
Bob Nordby1959-1963
Don Gallucci1962-1963
Gary Abbott1962-1963
Norm Sundholm1963-1967
Kerry Magness1966-1967
J.C. Reick1966-1967
Turley Richards1967-1967
Pete Borg1967-1967

Honorary Kingsmen

Mike McElhoeWe always enjoy having our friend Mike “sit in” to sing & strum his signature tunes
Jack SproutAlways shows up with his B3
Mr. Rock n’ Roll Brian Beirnewww.legendaryshows.com
Renny PriceOur guitar playin’ Pilot
Danny SchofflerHe & his OUTRAGEOUS sax are always a welcome addition
Alex Heart