History of THE KINGSMEN Personnel.

1959-Present: (If your name is not here, you were never a Kingsmen!)

Mike Mitchell 1959-Present

Dick Peterson 1963-Present

Steve Peterson 1988-Present

Todd McPherson 1992-Present

Dennis Mitchell 2006-Present

Kim Nicklaus 1982-1984 2004-Present

Yank Barry 1968-1970 2013-Present


Barry Curtis 1963-2005  

Marc Willett 1984-1992

Fred Dennis 1972-1984

Andy Parypa 1982-1984

Steve Friedson 1967-1973

Jeff Beals 1967-1968

Lynn Easton 1959-1967

Jack Ely 1959-1963

Bob Nordby 1959-1963

Don Gallucci 1962-1963

Gary Abbott 1962-1963

Norm Sundholm 1963-1967

Kerry Magness 1966-1967

J.C. Reick 1966-1967

Turley Richards 1967-1967

Pete Borg 1967-1967


Honorary Kingsmen
*Mike McElhoe*  We always enjoy having our friend Mike “sit in” to sing and strum his signature tunes

Jack Sprout               Always shows up with his B3

Mr. Rock n’ Roll Brian Beirne  www.legendaryshows.com

Renny Price               Our guitar playin’ Pilot.

Danny Schoffler    He and his OUTRAGEOUS sax are always a welcome addition.